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Get Bulleted

 Bullets, or ‘fascinations’, are so useful when writing…

  *  They allow you to be more clear & easy to read in your writing
  *  Help your reader skim more quickly
  *  Deliver benefits in a clear way
  *  And can deliver a 1-2 punch of TWO different benefits in one bullet…
allowing you to be more persuasive

I’ve read and written so many bullets but there’s one guy in
particular who really helped me understand how to do them right.


The Gary Halbert Letter was a very famous marketing expert’s
membership group.

When he passed many years ago, he asked his kids to put the
entire resource online and available for free for anyone to access.

What a gift to all of us!

In any case, Gary did one of the best little tutorials on writing
bullets I’ve ever seen – if you click on the image below it will
take you right to it – print this off today, it’s that valuable!


The best part is learning to write more effectively and persuasively is
a skill that virtually anyone can get better at with practice.

But, like anything, it’s a perishable skill to make sure to write more often and take advantage of the power of the bullet!

Question for you…

Are You Becoming a Better Copywriter & Communicator?

As an entrepreneur & business owner, being able to write persuasively
is one of the absolute best skills you could possibly spend your time on.

One other quote that Gary had which is a favorite of mine is at the
bottom of this newsletter which summarizes this perfectly.

Another Big Idea…

I have heard is two entrepreneurs talking about Chatbots.

This was such a valuable discussion!

If you haven’t heard yet, Chatbots are essentially auto-responders that
you use inside of Facebook Messenger.

Many consider them the “next big communication channel”.


I’ve been a guest host on the fantastic Habits2Goals podcast for this season.

We’ve had 1000’s of downloads and a lot of great reviews.

It’s an easy listen, fun, and you’ll definitely pick up something to make you more successful.

Check it out!


Please give us a review after listening!


3redarrows.jpg Your 101 Goal List…

Longtime friend, client and amazing jeweler, Vanessa Nicole, shared this amazing list from Chicken Soup For The Soul author Jack Canfield.

Think about making one of these for youself!

Click here to read.





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and a very Happy Easter!
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