Some fun pics from a trip out to the desert this week.

Last call for Friday.

A new podcast to check out.

And a favorite quote of the week!

Let’s do this thing…

Prizes Matter

Over the weekend we attended the BNP Pariba tennis tournament in Indian Wells.

If you’ve never been to a professional tournament like this, it is a site to behold.

A huge stadium with 1000’s of cheering fans who get completely silent during each point.

Definitely one of the most civilized sporting events I’ve ever attended.

Here’s the view from our seats…


What was so amazing was how great of a turnout they get at this event.

A big reason is because they offer more than $10 million in prize money!

Say what you want, there are a LOT of people motivated by things like, well, CASH!

For You…

Is there any way you can offer prizes for your business?

Or maybe some sort of drawing to get people excited and engaged?

Many of our members have done some amazing prize giveaways.

It’s amazing what people will do for a gift card or a t-shirt! Or even giving away your product.

A friend of mine uses giveaways in his surfboard company and it works *really* well – he gets a ton of new leads every time he does the promotion!


There are many different systems that can help manage this but I’ve heard good things about – check it out if you want to run a contest for your business.

We also checked out the Casa Del Zorro in Borrego Springs and went to see the wildflowers.

Apparently, it’s the most beautiful and dense in 20 years with all of the rain.

Here’s my lovely wife (with a shade umbrella) in a sea of yellow and white…


And my favorite flowers were these bright ones lighting up these cactus…




I’ve been a guest host on the fantastic Habits2Goals podcast for this season.

If you’re looking for a way to get your habits and goals aligned… along with having some fun…

Then you need to check us out!

Please give us a review after listening!


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