My wife and I recently had a date and saw a film about the ‘founder’ of McDonald’s, Ray Kroc.


This is a must-see movie for any entrepreneur!

What he was able to build was truly, truly impressive.

He literally had his back against the wall, and was going to have his house foreclosed until he was able to pivot and turn his restaurant business into another business… the real estate business.

That ‘pivot’ lesson alone is easily worth the price of admission.

And there are some interesting ethical issues brought up with the true founders of McDonald’s as well (choose your partners wisely!).

Apparently Ray Kroc really took them to the cleaners by reneging on his 1% royalty deal which is covered in the movie.

One of my favorite parts is that you truly and genuinely feel like you are back in the 1950’s.

It really is Hollywood at it’s best in transporting you to another time – the cars, towns, traffic, clothes, all contribute to a ‘time machine’ back about 60 years!

BTW, in case you’re wondering, below is the Kroc mansion they owned in the Fairbanks Ranch area of San Diego… now exactly how many Big Macs does it take to buy that?!


Marketing Tip

So we went to see the movie yesterday and right next door we see this sign…


This is great example of making the most of your location.

They know people come out of the movie theatre.

And might be hungry.

And since their ice cream sandwiches are expensive (but sooooo worth it) they can easily kick in a discount to get more foot traffic walking in.

I had one of our amazing members, Nick Sidon, owner of Nick’s Dryer Vent Cleaning, come and clean out our dryer vents today. It took our dry time from 90 minutes down to about 40 minutes.

And one of the things he does when he is at a location is puts up door hangers on every door in the neighborhood.

If he visits an average of 7 homes a day, 6 days a week means 42 homes in a week, 168 per month or just over 2000 visits in a year.

If he drops just 5 door hangers on average for each visit, he’s taking advantage of his location to the tune of 10,000 times a year… virtually for free!

They help people in all of San Diego county if you need your dryer vents cleaned and/or your air ducts cleaned, he does an amazing job and his marketing is spectacular!



Quality control – Yep, “we’re done for the day”…


Not that any companies out there have quality control issues…

When’s the last time you secret shopped YOUR business?



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