Love seeing someone create a memorable experience with their business.

And it is so rare!

Disney is the classic example where everything they do…

From the entrance to the park, to the trees and gardens, to the extreme cleanliness.

Even calling customers “guests” creates this memorable experience.


We went to a L’uau at the Catamaran Hotel and they did a wonderful job creating a Hawaiian experience, right here in San Diego. (yep, didn’t hurt that is was a perfect, warm San Diego evening!)


Of course, they roasted the Hawaiian pig and had amazing Mai Tai’s and the setting was perfect right on Sail Bay…


Maybe there’s something you can do to create a better experience for your customers?

One of my all-time favorites is below…


Looking at that…
Without even seeing the logo or company name…
You probably already know what the product is.
The jeweler, Tiffany and Co, has created an experience before you even see the product.
They have cleverly designed their packaging to elicit and emotional reaction… just from the box and the wrapping!
Now the smart part is that they extend this to the color of their stores, their bags, their jewelry pouches, pretty much everything they do. They even extend it to their regular client communication via mail and you’ll see a beautiful, baby blue background on their email newsletters!
Speaking of regular client communication…
Our topic this month at our Marketing Summit is Stay Close Marketing Essentials.
How to keep “top of mind” so that when a customer is ready to buy, YOU are the top choice.
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