People often ask me what the best thing is to guarantee business success.

What a trick question!


Because a great product is nice.

Wonderful testimonials are outstanding.

And caring employees are a real asset.


But, when it comes down to it, you really want…



I played golf with my sister-in-law’s dad this morning.

He’s kind of like my father-in-law, and a really fun guy.

And does he ever love the sport of golf!


He has multiple pairs of golf shoes, multiple clubs, outfits,

special balls, range finders, and all sorts of cool stuff.


So, how easy would it be to sell him MORE golf gear?


A LOT easier than selling something to somebody who

isn’t a rabid golf fan.

Another fun example is a company that I just got involved

in with another great HDE Member, Alan Stewart.


This company is called ZMB Industries.


We manufacture targets for the military, law enforcement,

and the DoD. It’s a great, growing business and has a ton of opportunity.




We also sell ZOMBIE targets to a rabid fan based.

And this business has over 20,000 Facebook fans!


The targets are patented and can be shot with real bullets,

airsoft and BB guns. Even sliced up with swords.

(remember, the only good zombie is a dead, beheaded one)


The are really, really fun to shoot and we have rabid fans

literally all around the world.


Give some thought to finding a more RABID fan base for

you and your business – how do you make working with

you more fun… and get your customers engaged?


It can make the ALL of your marketing easier.


Warmest Regards,

Henry Evans

President, Timezone Marketing

Author, “The Hour A Day Entrepreneur”

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