Did a day trip up to Silicon Valley today for a meeting with someone about an exciting new project and charity event that he is doing.

So, so fun to get out of the office!

I didn’t realize how many of the big tech companies are centered up here.

YouTube. Facebook. Yahoo. Intel.

Apple. eBay. And yes even my favorite, Tesla!



‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Style

So my oldest daughter’s favorite new movie to watch over and over is ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ with the now-famous Chris Pratt.

He is in the brand-new Jurassic World movie and my daughter tells me he will be the new Indiana Jones as well.

Yes, I guess he’s a pretty good looking guy and my daughter is excited about everything he is involved in.

I think she has now seen the Guardians movie 20 times.

During the introductory scene from that movie, Chris’ character, Starlord, is abducted and taken out into space on an alien ship.

While I certainly hope that doesn’t happen to you there really is nothing better than getting out of your normal environment to stimulate some different thinking.

I can tell you that spending the time on this quick trip up to NoCal has been extremely productive.

Thinking differently.

Being around different people.

Picking up a different vibe.

Give it a try yourself next week…

Even if you have to ‘play hookie’ to get away from the office for a few hours.

An afternoon spent walking, thinking, hanging at the beach or just playing can change your entire business perspective.

One of my favorite places to go, I used to call it my 3rd office, is right here in La Jolla…


We had another great radio show yesterday…

The Business Building Hour with Chris & Henry

We’re interviewing guests who can share how they’ve grown their own businesses, challenges they’ve overcome, and how it can help you in your business.


Special thanks to the amazing guests from our last 2 shows who were all outstanding and shared some amazing entrepreneurial short-cuts and wisdom.

The podcast from the show with Michael Savacool and Andy Cruz on the 23rd is now live…


Henry Evans

Timezone Marketing

Author, The Hour A Day Entrepreneur

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