Imagine my surprise when a BIG company sent a timely, targeted email message to me yesterday. This was a great example of targeted, direct-response marketing… rare for a company of this size but I was impressed.

It was very rainy in San Diego and I was cleaning out my email folder in the afternoon. This is of course, AFTER, I had completed the productive tasks for the day.

I see an email from my cable service provider in my email. It says, make today “Movie Tuesday” and goes on to recommend some movies.

It cut through the clutter because what do a lot of people want to do when its cold and wet outside? Exactly! Stay at home, cuddle up, and watch a movie! (don’t tell me that you didn’t do that yesterday or at least think about doing that yesterday)

One of the most important marketing lessons I’ve ever discovered I heard from my marketing mentor, Dan Kennedy, and I think it originated with Robert Collier’s “The Letter Book” (an amazing marketing book on direct response advertising).

The principle is called, “Enter the conversation already taking place in the prospect’s mind”. That will allow you to enter the conversation they are already having which makes is 10 times easier to get their attention.

Want to do that in San Diego when it’s raining outside? Then talk about the rain because that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Think about how you can use this for yourself when you market to your own prospects, customers, patients or clients. How can you enter the conversation already happening in their mind?

I just got an email from a client who took the idea we gave at September’s Marketing Summit and TOOK ACTION on it. She put together a Halloween raffle email promotion. She received a “LOT” of orders, mainly by having fun and entering the Halloween conversation already in everyone’s head.

She paid for a full year of my group’s membership from sending 2 emails out to her list for this promotion.

Figure out how you can enter the conversation in your prospect’s mind right now. When you do, you will have a short-cut way to getting attention which is STEP 1 in any successful marketing campaign or advertising promotion.

Yours In Success,

Henry Evans
Timezone Marketing, Inc.

PSThe funny morale to the story here is that when I researched this “big” company, it looks like they’ve sent those emails out before, on clear and sunny days too. So, I take back some of the credit they get. Even big, slow companies get some things right sometimes! (remember, even a watch that has stopped is still correct TWICE a day)

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