I grabbed these screenshots today.

These pictures tell a really great story because it is someone using Outrageous Marketing in a very effective way. They’re being outrageous because it helps to cut through the clutter and get their message read.

The site is from my friend, Russell Brunson. Jon Barrett and I are actually partners with him and run the local San Diego DotComSecrets Chapter each month with our Monthly Marketing Summit. Russell is an amazing marketer and this is one of the promotions he is doing on a weekly basis. They hired two actors, Ashley and Gavin to do their sales pitches on video. When they first started, they put a small clip of out-takes at the end of the video.

See, Ashley is extremely funny and she does a lot of crazy things on video, but they took them all out. Then, I’m guessing just to have fun, they added in a couple of her outtakes at the end of one of their videos.

And, as time has gone by, they’ve put more and more outtakes at the end of the video. I even saw one video where there were MORE outtakes than the actual video! This particular video has about 1 full minute out of 3 minutes that is only outtakes.

Why are they doing this? Because its really entertaining. It really, really works because now people want to watch the video, not just to hear that deal of the day, but to see what crazy antics Ashley and Gavin (he’s gotten into it now too) are doing each time.

I know that this entire promotion is doing extremely well for them, mostly because of the great, funny and entertaining delivery of the message. You can check out their site at www.successetc.com.

Think about how you can use this for your own marketing. How can you have more fun and be entertaining to your customers and prospects? Anyone can be dry and spit back facts at you but making your message entertaining can often be the difference between actually getting your message read or having it pass by along with the 3000 other marketing messages that each person will see today.

Tell me what you’re going to do to make sure your message gets read.

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