“This is a great book all about entrepreneurial short-cuts to excel in business today.
Henry was forced into getting things done in 1 hour a day blocks and he shares the specific
techniques that he used to make that happen in this excellent book.

Read and enjoy this book today.”

Brian Tracy

Best Selling Author Of Over 50 Books, Brian Tracy International

The dream of entrepreneurship is alive and well today for anyone.

In fact, a few key shortcuts given in an “Hour-a-Day” blueprint format can lead to big changes in you and your family’s quality of life.

This book is a powerful resource that covers real-world lessons learned in the trenches so that you can get more done while working less.

Just some of what you will discover:

  • Discover the Ultimate Secret That ALL Rich and Successful Entrepreneurs Use… And Why Napoleon Hill’s Book Think and Grow Rich Devoted an Entire Chapter To It
  • Get An Extra Hour of Productive Work A Day By Using Three Tools
  • Advanced Strategies To Maximize Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Time
  • Find A Way To Overcome Procrastination And Tap Into Boundless Energy To Propel Your Business Ahead
  • Take Advantage of The MOST IMPORTANT Time Management Technique… And Receive A Time Management Template You Can Implement Today
  • Turbocharge Your Productivity With The Ultimate “Get More Done Checklist”
  • Get Rid Of Time Vampires and Re-Take Control Of Your Calendar
  • Eliminate Procrastination and Never Again Feel Guilty About Your To-Do List
  • Utilize The Single Best Goal Setting Technique Ever
  • Develop A Personal “Hour-a-day” Plan To Get You On The Fast Track… While Blasting Through Your Own Limits

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