Vegas Baby

Just got back from a very short trip to Las Vegas for a trade show for the target company I’m invested in. The SHOT show is the biggest show of it’s kind in the world for the firearms industry.

Lots of very interesting things to see and by far the coolest two people I met…


Most booths just had the normal set up but this booth paid these two ‘actors’ to get dressed up so attendees could get their pictures taken.

Very fun and drove a lot of extra attention to their booth.

Now what did Iron Man have to do with what they sell?

Absolutely nothing!

Sometimes you don’t even need a direct relation to use an attention getting technique like this for you or your business.

Sometimes thinking outside the box can make a big difference in GETTING ATTENTION which is a KEY GOAL to any successful marketing campaign.


Go Where They Are 

One of the most interesting marketing concepts is to be where your prospects are already hanging out.

Everyone that you want to work with already on Twitter?

Guess where you should be.

Every ideal prospect of yours already on Facebook?

Might want to try marketing there.

But one thing I saw in Vegas is advertising at an entirely new level.

Now, at one of the hotels in Vegas, you can’t get away from advertising even when you’re in the bathroom.

This is actually a television that is sitting on the top of a sink!


I thought I had seen advertising everywhere, but this was a new one.

A good question to ask… and try to get specific…

Where are your customers and how can you best reach them?




The Ole’ South

Just got back from a trip to Tennessee to see my parents.

I think I’m related to half of the state, and my mom is always reminding me that I’m 1/2 southern. (and to never forget that by the way)

And, apparently they thought that I brought snow with me from California because the got the first real snow storm in 3 years while I was there!


It was a very good trip and fun to see my aunt & uncle and my parents, and other cousins as well.

My mom unfortunately has Parkinson’s Plus disease and isn’t doing very well. Please keep her (Ann Evans) in your prayers if you pray – would be VERY appreciated 🙂


 Tap Into Nostalgia 

Have chatted about this before but everyone thinks back to the time they grew up as the “good old days” to some extent.

I’ve even seen it with people I know who are 20 reminiscing about the old times!

The car show did a great job this year having a ton of old, fun cars. Here are two of my favorites.

Me playing Magnum P.I. (don’t recognize this tiny little Ferrari 308 or the Magnum PI name? Google it, one of the most popular 80’s shows)


And, of course, the infamous General Lee from the Dukes Of Hazzard…


I had a client with a hearing aid company and he customized all of his marketing around Ronald Reagan and jelly beans.

Since his target market was older, most of them hand fond memories about the ‘Reagan years’ and his campaign was a huge success…

How might you use some old nostalgia in your marketing for your business?




Enjoy your week and Happy New Year!

Going OLD School

I felt like I was stepping back in time this Christmas…

My oldest daughter asked for a vinyl record player.

And my youngest daughter asked for a Polaroid camera.



Here’s my oldest, holding her Elvis water bottle and the record player in the background.

She is a HUGE Elvis fan and has been to Graceland 2 times now (and is planning a 3rd!).


Funny thing?

They both absolutely loved this old school Christmas!

I’d forgotten what a unique sound vinyl records have, but it was really cool to see them getting excited about scratchy sounding music and little Polaroid pictures 🙂

Limit Choices 

One of the coolest marketing things I saw over Christmas was the NEW Amazon store at UTC mall in La Jolla.

Have you seen this yet?

Funny how Amazon drives out all of the small bookstores…

Then decide to open one up themselves!

What they did was genius however, take a look at these pictures I snuck in just for you…



Notice anything … different?


No books are facing spine out.

They are ALL facing front covers out.

With a great little blurb about the book on a card as well.

This was great marketing and a big lesson for all of us…

Offering a lot LESS product, but selling a LOT more.

This store was PACKED – I recommend a field trip to see one of these new stores yourself.




Enjoy your week and Happy New Year!

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