Yep, we’re on the RADIO

Just started a brand-new radio show on 1700AM ESPN radio with my good friend and mastermind member, Chris Martinez. Makes me think back to the great 80’s song by Wall Of Voodoo – Mexican Radio.

Remember that one?


It’s amazing the reaction from the few people I’ve already spoken to about the radio show.

People love the show and the idea behind it…

Helping business owners grow!

Chris and I named it…

The Business Building Hour with Chris & Henry

We’re interviewing guests who can share how they’ve grown their own businesses, challenges they’ve overcome, and how it can help you in your business.

Radio Show on ESPN 1700

Our inaugural show in studio with our first guests!


Special thanks to our first guests Christine McDannell and Sandro Piancone, both Mastermind Members of mine and outstanding entrepreneurs.

Christine is the owner of Spa Eco Chateau and I highly recommend paying a visit if you haven’t already. Check out her 5 Star Yelp reviews!

And Sandro is the owner of several companies includes where he helps serious business owners take their businesses south of the border.


Yours in Success,

Henry Evans

Timezone Marketing

Author, The Hour A Day Entrepreneur

Can you Adopt Me?

The girls have been doing a camp at the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Yep, it’s now officially summertime at our house.

Really neat to see how they market the animals up for adoption.

This sweet dog Fozzy is a favorite of the girls…


If it was up to the girls, they would adopt the entire shelter and bring them all home.

Since we already have our great dog Skylar, it’s a no-go at our house.

But it is amazing to see how this organization helps so many dogs and cats get adopted.


GO VISUAL With Trello

One of our amazing members, Christine McDannell, gave a detailed overview of how she uses this slick and powerful visual project management system.

Trello Board

This online application is ideal for visual entrepreneurs, can be infinitely scaled, and can have any number of clients, employees or vendors sharing.

It works on all devices and syncs automatically.

Oh, and did I mention the price?

It’s completely FREE for the base version.

Check it out – it might be just what you’re looking for to get all of those great ideas out of your head and intro a trusted system you can see.



Just When You Think You Were Done…Don’t Quit!

watch video



Think about this next time you want to take the easy road.

How you do something, is how you do everything…

Amazing Marketing Contestants

Special congrats to new member Zlata, founder of who won the heated contest for this month…

Join the best entrepreneurial community anywhere, sign-up now so you can access ALL of the marketing summit recordings in our secure membership website…


Yours In Success,


Henry Evans

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Marriage, Habits & James Bond

Celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary today!

Very exciting to make it past another milestone and wonderful that I still get along so well with my wife and am still totally in love with her!

Whether or not you have been together for 1 year or 30 years, would love to get your tips on how you maintain a great relationship. One of the best things getting married on 7-7-01 was that it has been a very easy date to remember and I haven’t forgotten it! We’re headed out to dinner and a show tonight which should be a lot of fun.


Here’s a few fun things to share on the business side of things…

Done Poorly And By So Few

I helped my mother-in-law get a new car last week.

It was great to see the sales process of so many different car dealers.

She wanted something that was “up higher” than a car, had good gas mileage, was safe, and didn’t cost a ton to repair.

It was narrowed down to a Toyota Rav4 and a Subaru Forester.

Special thanks to my Project Manager Esther who gave us some great advice about her Forester and how much she loved it.

She ended up getting a white Subaru Forester pictured below which she absolutely loves.

New Subaru Forester

After 4 1/2 hours at the dealership, she finally drove it home.

Most of the dealerships do the same exact thing that the others do when it comes to marketing and follow-up… not a whole lot.

The Four Big Things I saw with the dealerships were:

  1. Most of them did little to no follow-up other than 1 phone call. The best follow-up was from a dealership in south county who had TWO different managers call me the day after we visited.
  2. Email is antiquated for follow-up, only one dealer was sending me text messages and it was from the salesperson’s personal phone, not from the dealership.
  3. Dealers always prioritize those who show up in-person and they want to get you on-site. (a big reason why we have our monthly marketing summits LIVE and IN-PERSON…
  4. Everyone was selling the same thing – an identical car with no differentiation.

And, it’s very difficult to differentiate when you’re offering the same EXACT thing that others are offering!

So I learned a lot about what not to do with marketing!

But I do have a few things for you that can help your business avoid the problems these dealers had:

  1. Make sure you have a thorough follow-up sequence (not just 1 email or 1 call). Ideally use a follow-up strategy that integrates story and testimonials.
  2. Use multiple forms of media to get the best results. Send email, call AND text message.
  3. Do something to differentiate yourself! NONE of these dealers did anything to make themselves different from the other dealers other than say “we’ll get you the best deal”.
  4. Offer education to help your clients. With the car dealers, nobody offered to help me learn more about the car buying experience. Nobody had a phamphlet or even a brochure to offer us education or assistance. Nothing, zero, zip, nada.

Just for you…

During the marketing summit this month I’ll share the best story on how I’ve seen a car dealership completely differentiate themselves.

The funny thing?

It wasn’t even related to the cars they sold.

Super valuable idea for you and we’ll walk you through this at the Summit this month.


Just in case you’re interested in buying a car…

One of the best things you can do to get the lowest price is research first on to see what others are paying.

Printing off the research and bringing it to the dealer ended up saving us 1000’s of dollars off the sticker price.


Start Some Of These 7 Habits

From one of my favorite business books of all time…

7 Habits Stephen Covey


Yours In Success,

Henry Evans

Timezone Marketing

Author, The Hour A Day Entrepreneur

Apps and more apps!

This week I am sharing two favorite productivity apps, and a motivational quote that summarizes success.



TextExpander/ActiveWordsJim Carrey Typing

There is a great scene in the Jim Carrey movie, Bruce Almighty, where he’s playing God and typing at a super human rate.

We all interact with our computers using a keyboard and there are a lot of things you can do to help speed up your rate of typing.

Two of my favorite apps to help this – one for the Mac folks out there like me, and one for the PC folks (that I used to be).

First the Mac app is called TextExpander.



This great app allows you to type a short keyword or combination of letters and have it replace text with a text snippet.

For example, if I press the 2 keys “lf” on my keyboard, it pastes in the text below automatically:

“Look forward to hearing back from you.”

And once it is set up, it works in ANY software or application you are using.

I use it for pasting in different email signatures, my assistants’ emails, phone numbers, addresses, directions, common responses, and more.

The version for the PC is called ActiveWords.



When I was running the sales team at my software company, we actually had a shared database of ActiveWords snippets.

So, anytime you needed a snippet, about a competitor for example, you pressed the hotkey and… BANG! … out pasted a perfect text response about that competitor.

Both systems work great and will save you HOURS instead of typing the same things over and over. And it can save your team hours as well.

BTW, you can also use these types of apps on your phone as well. The Apple operating system has it built-in (just do a Google search) and I’m sure you can do it on Android and others too.

Definitely worth setting up and doing… it’s a big time saver!



This is a wonderful quote I just put on top of my newsletter this month. Don’t know where it came from or even who said it but I loved the message…

Its about making ideas HAPPEN

It really is all about the implementation of ideas. Heck, even mediocre ideas brilliantly executed can be successful.

So, with this idea of taking action in mind…



Yours In Success,

Henry Evans

Timezone Marketing

Author, The Hour A Day Entrepreneur

Rolling Stones Private Event

I hope you’re having an outstanding day.

This week I have a powerful example of a “who” strategy, something slick for recording audio, and powerful quote from another Henry…


Rolling Stones BE THE BIGGEST “WHO”

Get Some Satisfaction

The Rolling Stones just played a sold out show at Petco Park in San Diego to kick off their brand-new “Zip Code” tour.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any tickets.

Were you able to go?

Everything I’ve heard about the show sounds incredible.

What the Stones also did while they were here was play a private show at the Belly Up Tavern.

(nope, I didn’t get to attend that one either!)

A former HP executive reportedly paid them $3 million to entertain 300 of his closest friends.

Rolling Stones in San Diego

This is such a powerful example of being a big “who”.

The Stones were paid $33,333 a minute for a 90 minute show.

Were they paid that because they are the best musicians in the world?


OK, some might argue that 🙂


I imagine there are probably more talented musicians out there.

The Stones weren’t paid that huge fee more so for WHO they are.

Think about this…

Have you ever seen a celebrity who gets paid the big bucks just because they have a book or a TV show?

Dr. Phil is a great example because most therapists I’ve met think he doesn’t always offer the best advice.

Dr Phil

But, since he’s a very big WHO with his own TV show, he gets paid more from his celebrity status.

So… the great question to ask yourself is, “How do I elevate my status, credibility and authority?”

Doing so gives you the power to charge more, get more customers, make more and help more people with your product or service.


USB Audio Recorder

Had a meeting with one of my private clients yesterday. She pulled out a very small USB stick and clicked a little switch on it.

Then, she looked at it to verify it was working and placed it on the table between us.

“OK, I’m all ready” she then stated.

What she had put on the table is one of the coolest gadgets I’ve seen in a while…

It’s a self-contained USB stick with an audio recorder built-in.

No need to use your phone, no need to plug in cables on a MP3 recorder.

Just record and then plug the USB stick in your computer and wallah!

Instant recording.

Definitely something worth checking out if you want to make it even easier to record your meetings and ideas.



This is a wonderful quote from another Henry that was shared with me by our member Amy Barnhart… this is one worth printing and putting up on your computer monitor…

Henry David Thoreau


Yours In Success,

Henry Evans

Wannabe F18 Fighter Pilot

Timezone Marketing

Author, The Hour A Day Entrepreneur

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