Real World Marketing

And The Key To Productivity

Online Marketing Seminar

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at 5pm PT


Join 10 Years Of San Diego BUSINESS GROWTH Tradition

I’ve seen some amazing marketing & tools over this summer.

And I’ve put it all together just for you!

Please join us September 25th!

* Real-world marketing techniques you can take & use yourself

* The biggest mistake I’ve seen business owners make lately & how to quickly fix it

* My top productivity tools & tactics that are working… TODAY!

* Summer Update – the latest from the world of online marketing

We have helped 1000’s of business owners… from start-ups to millions a year in revenue.

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Join Us Online From The Comfort Of Your Home Or Office!

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019


5:00PM6:00PM PT (with open Q&A!)


Over the 10+ YEARS, we have positively impacted 1000’s of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to share the business building tactics and strategies that work in the REAL WORLD and for REAL business owners, like yourself.

Special NOTE: The Strategies we share work in EVERY type of business… Yours Included!

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We’ve helped 1000’s of business owners! Here are just a couple and how their businesses have been impacted…

“My business has completely changed. By following these direct response marketing principles, I’m able to work with my ideal clients to fulfill their dreams with custom jewelry and it’s allowed me to take more time off to spend with family. I’ve already had my first 6 figure revenue month this year – I’m living proof that these principles really work!”

Vanessa Nicole
Owner, Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“As a business owner, your business has a tendency to weigh on you. This meeting allows me to get out from under the every day problems, and focus on the direction of my business. I always get at least 1 great money making idea + great insights from other smart members. And I always try to take action on 1 thing every month.”

Rob North
Founder & Owner, Pair-A-Dice Games

“When I started, I was selling my life-changing online marriage counseling system for $100 and just learning how to market online. I sold $4K worth of product in my first year. Through Henry’s coaching, I quickly grew my business to $108,050 the second year, the third year I topped $360,000 in revenue. Now I’m on a 7 figure run rate for this year! I can’t recommend Henry enough. I like to say he’s a gift to the planet, he makes that much of a difference.”

Amy Barnhart

Click here to see more Success Stories of how this group has
positively impacted businesses and lives.

Your Host: Henry J. Evans

Entrepreneur, author, speaker, husband and father to two wonderful girls, Henry J. Evans has been involved in getting results with sales and marketing for over 20 years.

Henry’s passion is improving things and
making them better.

He is a life-long learner, a huge believer
in continual self-improvement and has
a strong faith in God.

Henry is currently involved in three different businesses, has created over
17 websites and taken more than
25 products to market.

Click here to learn more about Henry.

Jon Barrett

Jon Barrett is a highly sought after internet marketing expert with over 15 years of experience in growing businesses online.

Jon has helped his clients generate millions of dollars

per year in additional sales.

Known as a “tech guy” who actually understands marketing, Jon is an
expert at online marketing,
implementing systems & automation, tracking stats and analytics, product creation, and increasing conversion rates throughout the entire sales funnel.

Join Us Online From The Comfort Of Your Home Or Office!

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019


5:00PM6:00PM PT (with open Q&A!)



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