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Hope you’re having an awesome week!

Get Bulleted

 Bullets, or ‘fascinations’, are so useful when writing…

  *  They allow you to be more clear & easy to read in your writing
  *  Help your reader skim more quickly
  *  Deliver benefits in a clear way
  *  And can deliver a 1-2 punch of TWO different benefits in one bullet…
allowing you to be more persuasive

I’ve read and written so many bullets but there’s one guy in
particular who really helped me understand how to do them right.


The Gary Halbert Letter was a very famous marketing expert’s
membership group.

When he passed many years ago, he asked his kids to put the
entire resource online and available for free for anyone to access.

What a gift to all of us!

In any case, Gary did one of the best little tutorials on writing
bullets I’ve ever seen – if you click on the image below it will
take you right to it – print this off today, it’s that valuable!


The best part is learning to write more effectively and persuasively is
a skill that virtually anyone can get better at with practice.

But, like anything, it’s a perishable skill to make sure to write more often and take advantage of the power of the bullet!

Question for you…

Are You Becoming a Better Copywriter & Communicator?

As an entrepreneur & business owner, being able to write persuasively
is one of the absolute best skills you could possibly spend your time on.

One other quote that Gary had which is a favorite of mine is at the
bottom of this newsletter which summarizes this perfectly.

Another Big Idea…

I have heard is two entrepreneurs talking about Chatbots.

This was such a valuable discussion!

If you haven’t heard yet, Chatbots are essentially auto-responders that
you use inside of Facebook Messenger.

Many consider them the “next big communication channel”.


I’ve been a guest host on the fantastic Habits2Goals podcast for this season.

We’ve had 1000’s of downloads and a lot of great reviews.

It’s an easy listen, fun, and you’ll definitely pick up something to make you more successful.

Check it out!


Please give us a review after listening!


3redarrows.jpg Your 101 Goal List…

Longtime friend, client and amazing jeweler, Vanessa Nicole, shared this amazing list from Chicken Soup For The Soul author Jack Canfield.

Think about making one of these for youself!

Click here to read.





Have a wonderful rest of your week,
and a very Happy Easter!

Going PINK for Easter


Hope you’re having an awesome week!

Let’s jump right in on this Wednesday for our weekly blog…


How’s It Looking?

14 years. That’s the last time we got together with some friends
from Washington DC.

They were on their way to Hawaii and we were able to get together
and introduce our kids to each other.

The boys had a fantastic time showing off for our girls and it was a blast…


(let me know the San Diego restaurant we’re in front of for bonus points!)

We had a wonderful time catching up…

They were asking about O’ahu where they are right now.


They had the good fortune of booking their stay at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

This is the marquee ‘old school’ hotel in Waikiki and it is magnificent.

Look at how well they carry their ‘pink’ theme throughout …



Yes, it is possible to brand a COLOR!

Look at these from Instagram – always in pink!


This can even be done with the SHAPE of something.

A great young man I interviewed yesterday for an internship has
a family chocolate company and they do an amazing job on
branding their boxes with color… and with a unique shape.


Since they’re selling “Premium Mexican Chocolate”…

They wanted their box to look like a Mayan pyramid as well.

Super well done!

Question for you…

Are You Branding Everything You’re Doing?

Whether it be having your official colors.

Or the shape of something you’re doing.

Possibly even a combination of the two.

Many of our members do “Shock & Awe” style boxes
that can show off branding.


I’ve been a guest host on the fantastic Habits2Goals podcast for this season.

We’ve had 1000’s of downloads and a lot of great reviews.

It’s an easy listen, fun, and you’ll definitely pick up something to make you more successful.

Check it out!


Please give us a review after listening!


I’m getting re-engaged on using the newest version of Basecamp and this is an amazing tool. They’ve really cleaned up and refined it a lot and it’s worth a look if you haven’t used it lately…

Check it out…



Have a wonderful rest of your week
and a very Happy Easter!

State Champions?


A blitz trip to Sacramento.

Lessons from Southwest.

Great book resource.

Favorite quote of the week.

Let’s rock…

Why Are They Profitable?

So my wife and I took my oldest (now 14) up to Sacramento
for the State Championships of the Academic Decathalon.

It was a great, great showing.

We ended up getting 5th place overall (against some heavy
competition from LA & OC).

In my daughter’s specialty, the Super Quiz, we tied the LA
school for first place.

So, officially, we are the co-State Champions for the
Super Quiz! 

Yep, that’s the big trophy below…


Congrats to all of the participants who worked
so hard.

We never realized how smart some middle schoolers
were until this event!

Coming Home…

We drove up but flew home on Southwest Airlines
late Saturday night to get back for a volleyball tournament
on Sunday

If you haven’t flown at night in a while, it can be so beautiful!

After about 20 pictures, we finally got one to show up
as we were coming in to San Diego…


So many marketing lessons from this trip!

One that comes to mind is from Southwest Airlines.

Why are they the only ‘always profitable’ airline?

The mantra is…

‘Keep it simple’

For example…

1. Only one type of aircraft (Boeing 737’s)

2. Point to point routing vs. hub & spoke type models
means simpler routes

3. Simple pricing – no ‘bag fees’, ‘food fees’,
no ‘first class’, simple & easy

4. Everyone is on the same team – pilots also help
clean the plane, saving time & money

Question for you…

Is there something in YOUR business
that needs simplifying?

If a consultant were to come in…

Would they recommend you continue offering everything
that you do today?

Odds are, nope.

They would recommend simplifying what you’re doing.

And to focus on what’s working the best.

Keep it simple and profit more!



I’ve been a guest host on the fantastic Habits2Goals podcast for this season.

We’ve had 1000’s of downloads and a lot of great reviews.

It’s an easy listen, fun, and you’ll definitely pick up something to make you more successful.

Check it out!


Please give us a review after listening!


Just re-read this classic book wanted to share it – a friend sent it to me years ago when I was going thru a transition & it was amazing…

The Traveler’s Gift – by Andy Andrews




Gotta love that quote from the Southwest Airlines co-founder, Herb Kelleher!


High-End in Your Business & a Teenager Birthday


A 14th b-day.

Going high-end.

Great review on the new podcast.

Great book resource.

+ Favorite quote of the week!

Let’s jump right in.

Go High End

Now I have a 14 year-old daughter!

Couldn’t be happier with how well my girls are doing and we had a great birthday celebration last week!

Here she is blowing out the candles on her cake…


We got the cake from a great company called Nothing Bundt Cakes.

They specialize in…

Well, Bundt cakes.

And they are growing like crazy.


The best part is their cakes truly taste amazing & look fantastic!

But a quick heads up… 

They are quite expensive.

Our cake was about $33!


Worth every penny!

The quality is incredible and you get a lot for your money.

By the way, my daughter’s favorite gift this year?

Getting her braces off! (which just happened today 🙂

Question for you…

Are you offering something that is amazing and expensive?

If not, you should seriously consider it!

Customers are always willing to pay for quality.

Case in point…

Here’s an email I just got today for an exotic car trip next month…


Anyone else want to go?!

Remember there are many ways to get to $1,000,000 in revenue.

Sell $1 of goods or services to 1,000,000 people.

Or go higher priced and sell a LOT less.

For this program at $7500, they only need 133 people to go and they have grossed $1 million.

Only 133 clients!

Maybe you should be charging more?


I’ve been a guest host on the fantastic Habits2Goals podcast for this season.

We’ve had 1000’s of downloads and a lot of great reviews.

It’s an easy listen, fun, and you’ll definitely pick up something to make you more successful.

Check it out!


Please give us a review after listening!


3redarrows.jpg Just finished this book and really enjoyed it.

Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud.

If you’re someone who tends to ‘hang on’ to things too long, then you will find it very liberating. Have already given it to a few people I thought could benefit.






Desert Spectacular

Some fun pics from a trip out to the desert this week.

Last call for Friday.

A new podcast to check out.

And a favorite quote of the week!

Let’s do this thing…

Prizes Matter

Over the weekend we attended the BNP Pariba tennis tournament in Indian Wells.

If you’ve never been to a professional tournament like this, it is a site to behold.

A huge stadium with 1000’s of cheering fans who get completely silent during each point.

Definitely one of the most civilized sporting events I’ve ever attended.

Here’s the view from our seats…


What was so amazing was how great of a turnout they get at this event.

A big reason is because they offer more than $10 million in prize money!

Say what you want, there are a LOT of people motivated by things like, well, CASH!

For You…

Is there any way you can offer prizes for your business?

Or maybe some sort of drawing to get people excited and engaged?

Many of our members have done some amazing prize giveaways.

It’s amazing what people will do for a gift card or a t-shirt! Or even giving away your product.

A friend of mine uses giveaways in his surfboard company and it works *really* well – he gets a ton of new leads every time he does the promotion!


There are many different systems that can help manage this but I’ve heard good things about – check it out if you want to run a contest for your business.

We also checked out the Casa Del Zorro in Borrego Springs and went to see the wildflowers.

Apparently, it’s the most beautiful and dense in 20 years with all of the rain.

Here’s my lovely wife (with a shade umbrella) in a sea of yellow and white…


And my favorite flowers were these bright ones lighting up these cactus…




I’ve been a guest host on the fantastic Habits2Goals podcast for this season.

If you’re looking for a way to get your habits and goals aligned… along with having some fun…

Then you need to check us out!

Please give us a review after listening!



Treat ’em… bad?

How true it is that good things come to those who wait!
So with that, let’s dig in for this week…
Sometimes taking the ‘opposite’ approach is the best way to stand out in your business.

Let’s keep with the “HOT DOG” theme for a minute here…

Everyone thinks you should be polite, treat the customer nicely, and remember that ‘the customer is always right’… right?

Well, not always so!

At the Weiner’s Circle hot dog stand in Chicago, it’s actually exactly the opposite!
Here’s how it works when you’re there…

You place your order and give the cashier a little attitude.

Then, sit back and watch them hurl insults and abuse right back at you.

“Their comebacks are vile, crude, shocking, and if you’re a customer stumbling in from a nearby bar at 2 a.m., uproariously entertaining. That’s what makes The Wiener’s Circle stand out from the scores of good-natured but forgettable corner grills in our city.”

Now think about this for a second…

People actually SEEK THIS PLACE OUT to get insulted by the staff!

But instead of being offended, customers love it and take it as a badge of honor

Remind you of any ‘soup nazi’s’ (made famous from Seinfeld)?

No Soup For Lisa!

Be The Contrarian
This strategy of taking the opposite tack from what everyone else does works well.
Below you can see how this is used in a telephone answering service – the very introduction on the page says that…

“You won’t you won’t find photos of pretty girls with headsets, subjective promises of ‘we care more,’ or flashy marketing. Instead, this site exactly reflects our bold, no-nonsense business objective: to provide the statistically highest quality telephone answering service in the United States.”

Here is their very ‘plain Jane’ looking website…

The cool thing about Centratel?

They have over 10,000 customers and are incredibly successful!

How can you do something similar?

It’s actually quite simple.

Look at what everyone else is doing and do the EXACT OPPOSITE.

In fact, this works in all sorts of things.

Because if you do what everyone else does (what the average person does) then you can expect what?

Average results.

Always amazes me when people want extraordinary results with average work.
It doesn’t work that way!

Give extraordinary effort and then expect extraordinary results.

Another one of my favorite examples of this in action is Enterprise Rent A Car.

Every time that I rent from them, I’m reminded of how they did the opposite of what everyone else did.

What was that?

Two things actually…

1. No airport locations but instead near auto repair shops & insurance adjuster offices.

2. They will come to you!

A good exercise…

Think about this for yourself and see what you can come up with that is the opposite of what your competition is doing.

Going against the grain is a big secret of many successful companies!

All of us business owners can say this!

Monday Morning

Are you joining us each Monday morning at 8am to kick-off your week?

Our 25-30 minute Weekly Action Power Call is the ideal thing to get your week started on the right foot.

Reach out to Pam ( if you need info on how to get signed up or just reply back.

Guaranteed to help you have a MUCH more productive week!

The Founder

My wife and I recently had a date and saw a film about the ‘founder’ of McDonald’s, Ray Kroc.


This is a must-see movie for any entrepreneur!

What he was able to build was truly, truly impressive.

He literally had his back against the wall, and was going to have his house foreclosed until he was able to pivot and turn his restaurant business into another business… the real estate business.

That ‘pivot’ lesson alone is easily worth the price of admission.

And there are some interesting ethical issues brought up with the true founders of McDonald’s as well (choose your partners wisely!).

Apparently Ray Kroc really took them to the cleaners by reneging on his 1% royalty deal which is covered in the movie.

One of my favorite parts is that you truly and genuinely feel like you are back in the 1950’s.

It really is Hollywood at it’s best in transporting you to another time – the cars, towns, traffic, clothes, all contribute to a ‘time machine’ back about 60 years!

BTW, in case you’re wondering, below is the Kroc mansion they owned in the Fairbanks Ranch area of San Diego… now exactly how many Big Macs does it take to buy that?!


Marketing Tip

So we went to see the movie yesterday and right next door we see this sign…


This is great example of making the most of your location.

They know people come out of the movie theatre.

And might be hungry.

And since their ice cream sandwiches are expensive (but sooooo worth it) they can easily kick in a discount to get more foot traffic walking in.

I had one of our amazing members, Nick Sidon, owner of Nick’s Dryer Vent Cleaning, come and clean out our dryer vents today. It took our dry time from 90 minutes down to about 40 minutes.

And one of the things he does when he is at a location is puts up door hangers on every door in the neighborhood.

If he visits an average of 7 homes a day, 6 days a week means 42 homes in a week, 168 per month or just over 2000 visits in a year.

If he drops just 5 door hangers on average for each visit, he’s taking advantage of his location to the tune of 10,000 times a year… virtually for free!

They help people in all of San Diego county if you need your dryer vents cleaned and/or your air ducts cleaned, he does an amazing job and his marketing is spectacular!



Quality control – Yep, “we’re done for the day”…


Not that any companies out there have quality control issues…

When’s the last time you secret shopped YOUR business?



Reach out if we can help you with growing your business!

Most Popular Gifts for V Day

One of my clients shared the best story about the motivation we have for GAIN vs. FEAR of loss.

Jill Addison, owner of FA Client Machine (whiteboard videos for financial advisors) was talking about the new rule in California where you have to ‘purchase’ grocery bags for 10 cents each.

Or… you can bring your own.


So, did you know that in the past you could actually get a 5 cent REBATE when you brought in your own bag.


Very few actually did because it was a gain (savings) of 5 cents.

But, as soon as they start charging 10 cents…


NOW all of a sudden…

Everyone is up and arms and storing bags in the trunk of their car!


The pain of loss is almost always a greater motivator than the possibility of gain.


Leverage Valentine’s Day

So… whether you’re single or have been married for years, Valentine’s Day has become a VERY big holiday.

It is a $20 BILLION dollar day of love – and buying something for your pets counts as well!

Here are the gifts most in demand… 


Is there something you can work into your sales over the next week… even just including something on this list as a fun “bonus” can be enough to push someone over the edge to a purchase.


Yep, people really do this…





Still to this day, Disney is using some of the thoughts and ideas from Walt.
And remember Walt passed away in 1966!

dry Jan = worst Jan?

We finally made it through January!

In all seriousness, I think this was the worst January in years for me!

Usually one who prides himself on being positive, I was sick for 1/2 of the month, and had two different trips while not feeling well which is always hard.


I did do a DRY January with no alcohol.

Maybe that was the problem?

Hang on, I gotta get a drink…

Let’s just say that I’m glad January is over and done.

Bring on February and the month of love!


Evergreen Assets

We chatted briefly about this fantastically powerful concept last week.

The idea is to have some tool or marketing process that actually works over an extended time period.

One of my favorites is on the site of client and friend, Amy Barnhart…


This will show you her video sales letter or VSL.

Just a fancy way of saying a video designed to elicit a purchase – much like an informercial online.

While she has made some tweaks, changes and edits, it has fundamentally remained very much the same as it has been for several years.

And has brought in more than 7 figures in sales!

This is a prime example of an evergreen marketing asset for her business.

The best part is that is goes to work, 24/7/365 without needing to take time off or a break.

Do you have any of these for yourself?

Can you create any evergreen marketing assets?


One of the things we do in our 8 Week Business Growth Master Class is help you create Evergreen Marketing Assets.

We go through the Triple Double Blueprint in detail during this 2 month Master Class


My promise to you…

If you want to make more progress in your business in the next 8 weeks than in the previous year, then you need to join us.

Email back to get the details!


Something to think hard about is all of the OPTIONS that your prospects have today.

There are literally 1000’s of channels of TV, Netflix, Podcasts, Magazines, Twitter Feeds, etc, etc.

It is HARD to get the attention of your ideal prospects.

And, once you do, often times people are bored so quickly that they don’t say engaged.

Marketing has changed.

Now you need to educate AND entertain your prospects.

And you sure as heck better not commit marketing sin #1…



This is truly one of the worst things that you can do in your marketing.

And really in your business.

How can you keep your clients and prospects engaged?

Make it FUN to hear about you.

Share something personal about you, or your team, or your team’s dog.

Make yourself HUMAN and APPROACHABLE.

Everyone expects a good product & service (and make sure to over-deliver here) but when it comes to keeping people’s attention, try to do something of interest to keep ’em engaged.



I hope you have a very successful day.

slow DOWN please

Seriously, why can’t people in SoCal drive in the rain?

It’s not hard people, just slow down a bit and put down the cell phone.

Remember the old hydroplaning video they showed in driver’s ed?


I went thru driver’s ed in the 80’s and they were still showing this same video from the 60’s.

(in marketing-speak, we could call this an evergreen asset!)

Do you have any ‘evergreen’ assets in your business?

They are those things that work well for you… year-end and year-out.

Well, it’s worth trying to get some of those for you and your business.

We’ll discuss that more next week!

And regarding the rain?

Don’t worry, it probably won’t rain for another 12 months!


You Can Change It 

Today I want to share a story about one of our members, Kathleen Schmitt (also known as ‘Kat’).

She competed in and won our Marketing Contest last week.

And did so against two other stellar presentations by the dynamic podcasting duo of Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier and Dr. Ben Ramos with his brand-new (and already successful) chiropractic business.


All of the contestants won a free infrared sauna treatment from Eco Chateau (highly recommended if you haven’t been there before) and a copy of our guest speaker’s book, The Habit Factor (also excellent!).

Kat of course won a trophy and a $100 prize but all 4 of them did an amazing job.


The best tip Kat gave was buried in one of her slides.

It was super powerful!

And I want to share it with you…


Now, seriously, who does she think she is?

Claiming that she is a world renowned anything?

And doubling her fees?


Who would think of doing such a thing??


That’s exactly the best thing that she could have done!

Without ‘approval’ from anyone else, any government entity, or any organization…

She made two very key mindset shifts.

She completely changed the “what” she is doing in her business…

Shifting & changing her title & positioning…

From Graphic Designer


World Renowned Designer and Artist


She took her fees and did a big, fat, 2x to them.

The best part?

She’s already seeing great results from these shifts and is already attracting some big, international clients!

Kudos to Kat!

It all began with stepping out of her comfort zone a little bit and trusting the process.

Hopefully this inspires you to maybe do the same for yourself!

By the way…

The recording will be live in the membership website later today where you can listen to all 3 of the contest speakers from last week – it is DEFINITELY worth watching these if you didn’t see them live! (or even if you did to watch them again!)



If you’re inspired by Kat, then you too might want to go through the 8 Week Business Growth Master Class coming up.

Kat just finished going through it and it’s something that helped her dramatically grow in her business.

We’ll be going through the Triple Double Blueprint in detail during this 2 month Master Class


My promise to you…

If you want to make more progress in your business in the next 8 weeks than in the previous year, then you need to join us.

Email back to get the details.


Wait a second here…

We clean up his poop.

We feed him.

We rub his belly.

We hold him every day.

Who exactly is the boss here??


Skylar, the world’s luckiest dog with another hard afternoon at the office.

Skylar the dog is sporting the new ‘bed-head’ look, a very cool January fashion statement…



Ever seen How Beer Saved The World?
Watch it and you’ll understand this quote even more!


Yours In Success,
Henry J. Evans
Founder, Get Clear Marketing, Inc.
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